GaiaSoil-soilPatented GaiaSoil emulates and enhances essential properties of high-quality, natural soil, including water retention, nutrient delivery, capillary action, and drainage.

The main ingredient in GaiaSoil is non-toxic recycled expanded polystyrene foam coated with an organic pectin, and mixed with a  finished compost. The Gaia Institute’s proprietary patented process makes GaiaSoil almost 50% lighter than any other green roof growing medium.

This has significant advantages: structural support of roof usually needs no additional reinforcement, more diverse plant selection possibilities for greater biodiversity, more stormwater capture made possible by greater soil depth allowances, easier to transport to site and move in case of maintenance.

GaiaSoil retains an incredible 200% of its weight in water, easily capturing the majority of stormwater. The dry weight is 10 lbs. per cubic foot, and the saturated weight is 30 lbs. per cubic foot.

For more information about The Gaia Institute led by Paul Mankiewicz, the inventor of GaiaSoil, visit their site.

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